We Implement, Support & Consult On Legal Technology.

Lawyers are unique. They require special service and a dedicated approach. As such, Inertia Legal is solely focused on delivering legal technology solutions. You won’t find general IT services here, just best in class IT consulting and support for the practice of law.

Case Management

Time / Accounting / Billing

Document Management

Cloud Hosting

Scorecards & Reporting

Cyber Security & Risk

Skip The Rookie Support.


We don’t have first tier support, just certified support. We work for professionals that take their careers seriously, and we commit to doing the same through hiring certified consultants and mandating continuing education for our entire time. No random computer guys here, just established and personable professionals.



When You Need Service, You Need It Now. 


Regardless of location or device, we make a secure instant connection incredibly simple. We employ the leading remote access platform to make sure that every bit of our connection is consistent and secured before, during , and after the call. How you connect with us matters.



Let's Keep It Simple.


We maintain relationships with key legal tech vendors so you don’t have to. We’ll handle those pesky account calls that derail your day and we’ll even keep you on top of your software renewals too. It takes time, discretion, and earned reputation to get the best terms at the best price, and we eagerly put that to use for our clients.



So You Don't Have To Worry About It. Ever. 


Are you constantly receiving notifications to update this and update that without information as to why? We will notify you when an update needs action and install it across your network with minimal interruption. Updates don’t have to be headaches.



Let's Have A Conversation.


We realize most tech companies charge you for even the simplest interactions — we don’t. Unlimited e-mail correspondence gives you the freedom to feel comfortable reaching out to us without getting a bill for it. How can we help you if you’re too timid to reach out?



Doing What We Do Best So You Don’t Have To.

We’re not asking you to be professionals with technology. We simply start by taking time to understand your unique business and technology needs through our proprietary tried and true consulting method. Then we plot the course to start accomplishing your vision through goal setting and collaborative services. Let us be the nerds so you can keep winning cases.